Saturday, 30 November 2013

Panic.....who me?

Definately some calm needed around here.....
focus on the candles!!!  ;0)

These courses sure take up a huge chunk of your life don't they!
........especially weaving.
Trying to force creative endevours to a deadline just feels like
 you are trying to swim against the flow, well the tidal wave right now!  :0)

Just two weeks left before our intrepid group meets up again
at Bradford Art College - Hey guys, you feeling as stressed as me?

I think I've got my practice weaving swatches tied down now,
guess there is plenty that could follow through, but then if I tried
it would all feel so rushed and incomplete!

Just thought I'd show you the two weaves I have on the go for the
final item/s we have to produce this time.

I'm using card spacers in this weave hoping to give the yarn space to move
 when I come to giving it a wash. The green and black yarn is one that I overdyed
and is slightly elastic and gorgeously soft as it has alpaca in the mix.
It is only a scarf width but I had in the back of my mind
that the warp could be extended to make a throw.
Seriously expensive that would be though as I've also used silks,
mercerised cotton and a fine wool boucle. So maybe not right now!  ;0)
Fingers crossed the washing works!

This is the last panel that I will be weaving....I call it freestyle,
using weft threads as I go along, guess it would be designing on the loom?
The whole project is supposed to be about the yarns, their textures and colours 
rather than the actual weave pattern. 
I've worked up a fairly open twill here, really its there just to hold the
fancy yarns in place. A collage I had made in my sketch book set
me off on this adventure.....
no more warp left after this one and I don't think I'll be pushing
to put on a second now, I've still got all my college paperwork to do yet!  Ugh!!
Bad planning?  Yep, you bet!  
Organised, jest surely!!!!!!  :0)

See you when I resurface in a couple of weeks I guess!
Busy at my part-time job too right now too and as for fitting in helping a colleague with
curtain making.....mayhem!!!!!

Hoping you have a good time as we head into December,
what already! Can I have this year back again!  ;0)

Hugs.  Ash  x


  1. Best wishes and good luck. Your weaving looks good. Breathe deeply and soon it will be done!

  2. Oh...... So sorry your so stressed....I think your work is just beautiful!!! I can't wait to see after washed!!!!

  3. NO we don't want this year back !! sending you hugs from the Knitting Basket, keep up the good work, with a little help from the candles xx 2014 will be a whole lot better , take care

  4. Feeling very stressed Anne. Didn't have enough warp on to complete samples, so have been tying in up until 8pm, then I came in from the cold............. always tomorrow. Your colours are lovely (as always)

  5. Gorgeous colours and textures your getting here. Just popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas! xCathy