Friday, 4 October 2013

Spinning - a new fibre to me.....

Hello again on a very misty and damp Yorkshire morning...
it feels like November already!

I wanted to show you a very lovely fibre I've just been working with,
 a new one for me from the Romney sheep, originally
based in the Romney Marsh in southern Britain.
I only had a small clump of the wool, quite dirty but what a lovely crimp!

Here it is a mere 50g, washed and carded.....

 .....on checking it out in one of my books I decided that as the fibres felt so fine
 I would carry on and spin it in my usual worsted manner,
quite fine and just enough twist to hold it as a singles.

 ......then to dye or not to dye!!
Some new acid dyes I've just bought gave me this gorgeous clear blue
which I used on just one end of the hank.

 ......and now I've started knitting it up in this simple but lovely
cockleshell pattern, the 50g has given me just 200m so we will
see how far I get.

Do I like it.....definately yes.  This little batch of fluff has given such a soft light yarn
the knit is making it quite springy....most definately worth the effort. :0)


  1. Oh how exquisite!!!! Such a wonderful process...from the shear to the beautiful....
    I just bought some lovely wool at a farmers market in Vermont....looking forward to winter projects!!!

  2. It's lovely Anne. Remind me to share my experience of 50gms raw black merino :)

  3. So pretty! Enough for a scarf maybe?

  4. It certainly is quite lovely. Wish I could feel it with my own little hands.

  5. The yarn looks Magical.. Love the fiber and I truly love the colors.. Lovely job of dying it...Hugs Judy

  6. Oh, that's quite lovely! What a nice way to use a soft, crimped wool. Great choice on how you dyed it.
    Enjoy working with it.

  7. It looks very delicate and goes beautifully with the lacy stitches - it would make a lovely scarf if there's enough yarn.

  8. THis is just so delicate and beautiful!