Friday, 11 October 2013

Colourful Wensleydale fibre.

Don't you just love colour?
I've been playing with some new dyes too......finally took the
plunge whilst visiting Yarndale to purchase a new set of acid dyes!

Here's some of the results on my lovely Wensleydale...
can't wait till I've spun some of it!

:0)  Ash.


  1. Oh, my goodness, they look 'tasty'!!

  2. I like the colors! What dyes are you trying out? I love that sunny yellow, it's such a hard color to achieve.

  3. I see a colourful winter coming up:) might be a good idea - our longrange forecast yesterday said something about extreme weather conditions - again:( better get enough material on the heap while we can:)
    happy spinning
    Bettina (in ireland, were we're going have a few nice days now)

  4. I like the autumnal colours in there - I've never done any dyeing but must confess that's it's the colours obtained with flowers, leaves, bark etc that really appeal to me - they always seem to have a 'softness' to them even when the colour is strong.

    1. I have to say natural dyes were my first instinct when thinking about dying fibres, and you can hear the but in there :0), the way my life has run I have to put in time into this equation and the dire need to create an income for, here I am trying to find the best solution. One day natural dyes, I hope, but till then these dyes I am hoping are low on the environmental impact!!!

  5. Acid dyes all the time for me. Love your colours. Dare I say Opal Fruits? Giving away my age :)

  6. Beautiful colors you done! I'm only gonna try the same ))

  7. Wow what super wonderful yummy looking roving.. The colors are all magical looking.. I look forward to seeing what you create with them.. Hugs Judy