Saturday, 26 October 2013

Autumn....some good points....

Winter may be on its way, autumn may be giving is so much rain 
we feel sodden half the time but in between we get something quite glorious too....

....some mornings, after overnight rain, turn up bright and fresh
and 'newly polished'.  The low angle of the sun makes for some
lovely light effects.....

Even huge puddles on the road,
 (because they haven't got the drainage organised!!),
become mirrors to the skies above!

On these mornings the whole sky simply becomes a dance floor for the clouds
that bright blue against the Dales green of the grass is
just, well scrumptious! :0)

Then sometimes, only sometimes mind this is a collie-x after
all!, my lovely companion will sit still for two seconds
so I can capture her shining in all this lovely light!

Then on finally getting back home there is yet another
of the mornings treasures...... bright, shiny, wonderfully
purple-black elderberries fresh off the hedgerows....

.....which later in the day are to be found bubbling away together with some windfall
apples in my jam pot.....yum!!  :0)

Enjoy autumn if you are in my part of the world.

Best wishes,  Ash.


  1. Beautiful positive post and what stunning photos too. Every season has its pluses doesn't it and I feel it's such a shame that autumn almost gets forgotten in the Christmas preparations everywhere from September onwards. I'll take your countryside walks over town centre mayhem any day!

  2. Oooh, your view is just as beautiful as mine!! I've only eaten elderberries straight off the tree! Next year, I should try to cook them up!

  3. I love Autumn and all the colours and the lovely skies. Love misty mysterious looking mornings too. The photo of the puddle reflecting the sky is lovely.

  4. Oh beautiful!!! I wish we could steal some rain for here....this is the driest autumn I ever remember....beautiful though...the colors are gorgeous...I adore this time of year..I am very lucky that low light does not bother me at I look forward to the cold months...
    Wish I could just beam in for a walk in your extraordinary so so beautiful....I did part of the lake district walk a few years back and have thought some day I want to do it again...I just fell in love with the landscape....I felt like I was home somehow....must be my british Isles heritage!
    oh those berries look divine!! I can almost smell them cooking!!
    Happy Day to you!!!

  5. Well, Ash, as you know, I do wish I was in your part of the world, and in the next few years we hope to move up North. In the meantime, I shall just have to sigh over your lovely pictures! xCathy