Monday, 21 October 2013

and so to........!

Well that would be 'and so to bed' which is true.....I've reached the end of another day,
I'm going to make myself a 'brew', chill for ten, maybe another
chapter of my book and then, hopefully, catch the Zzzzz's...ah, bliss!
the other and so to is..... 'and so to yarn'.
I've managed to get some of my lovely newly dyed fibre
into yarns, just thought you might like a peek! 

I've chosen some colours,
split the fibre down ready to spin,

...and here are a couple of the results - my very own,
self-striping wensleydale yarn.
Totally outside of my usual 'box' for colour schemes, but they
are growing on me and its good to live outside of the box once in a while isn't it!!!

Sweet dreams,   Ash.


  1. Oh Ash!!!! These are gorgeous!!! What beautiful colors!! I can not wait to see some worked up!

  2. These are beautiful - glad you went outside your normal "box" to get them.

  3. Oh, ny goodness, but theya re beautiful. I've never done anything like that before and I'm so impressed. Makes me want to try someday.

  4. Fab colours Ash, nice to try something a little different......just lovely...

    Claire x

  5. What awesome color combinations!! I like them a lot.